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Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Teacher Brass/BRASSBAND

Kunsthumaniora Brussel

Teacher Brass / Ensemble / Conducting Instrumental music

GO! Academie voor Muziek & Woord Willebroek

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Training professional musicians with a distinct artistic personality…


At the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, we welcome young artists with passion and talent and transform them into musicians with unique artistic personalities, equipped with the professional excellence, creativity and know-how to engage in an active way in both the local and international music scene and within the community.


…through outstanding, bespoke study programmes


With training that is highly customized to the individual, every student is given the chance to blossom and to reach the highest possible standards of artistry. An internationally-renowned teaching staff provides extensive, individual coaching within the various specialisms. The musical development of the student is supported by a broad basis of artistic, theoretical and general cultural competencies and shaped by a rich spectrum of hands-on professional experience. 


…with a critical and open approach


Our programmes focus strongly on research within the arts, linked to artistic performance practice. Through a process of continuous review and assessment, we ensure that our courses are highly reactive to the artistic, socio-cultural, economic and social evolutions that take place in professional music life. 


…in a truly international context


By contextualizing the study programmes within the field of professional practice, our students are constantly stimulated to actively present themselves within today’s international music scene. Our unique collaboration with deSingel arts campus, our place within the AP University College, and our many national and international partnerships provide exceptional opportunities which are used both for the benefit of the Conservatoire as a whole and also for the optimization of the study experience of each unique student.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Can't you live without music? Would you like nothing more than to sing or play your instrument all day long? Are you creative with music on your computer or do you write music yourself? Then Kunsthumaniora Brussel is the school for you!

You start with a training in which passion is central, with like-minded people who encourage and motivate each other, and this under the guidance of a passionate team of teachers. These teachers are at the forefront of musical life, both performing and creating, and are also passionate teachers. They will help you to develop your talents to the maximum!

In addition to the main courses, Kunsthumaniora Brussel offers solid musical and theoretical training. You will receive an hour and a half of individual lessons in the main instrument and half an hour in the second instrument. In addition, you and your fellow students play in chamber music ensembles and the symphonic orchestra. During the project weeks, crossover is often used. The many concerts and performances give you the opportunity to develop into a young, passionate performing artist.

Lode Violet is active as a Brass / Brassband teacher

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Passion for music?

In our academy you learn to play an instrument from the age of 8, you can take singing lessons or prepare for a musical career.

Of course, all this requires a solid musical basis that you get during the practical and varied music lessons.


The instrument and singing lessons are individual and the lessons are agreed with the teacher involved. The theoretic lessons are in groups, separate groups are provided for children, teenagers and adults.

Upcoming conductors can also come to us, from the age of 15.

Lode Violet is active as a teacher in Brass, Conducting Instrumental Music & Ensemble.

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